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DC Aluminka, 3 floor, Partizanski odredi 70b, 1000 Skopje


02/3062 636



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Ljubomir Hristov

Company description, mission, vision and goals

ULTRA Computing is the pillar of the macedonian ICT industry. With more than 20 years experience on the market, ULTRA Computing is one of the leading companies whose portfolio comprises system integration, design, development and implementation of complex information systems as well as provision of services from all levels of IT projects' lifecycle. Most of the governmental institutions, as well as a number of public and private companies in the Republic of Macedonia are running on the software and hardware platforms designed by ULTRA Computing.

Ultra is also one of the biggest IBM and Oracle Business Partners in Macedonia, as well as representative and/or dealer of other world leading companies in the ICT field.

In 1995 Ultra became the pioneer of Internet service provision in Macedonia, by establishing the company UNET, the first ISP in Macedonia.

Products and services

Product Group

Software; Hardware; Telecommunications;

Products subgroup

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning); Web application; Mobile apps; CMS (Content Management System); eCommerce; Accounting; ECM (Enterprise Content Management); Billing System;

Servers; PC / Notebook; Media Tablets; Other IT Equipment; Storage; Workstations;

Major Products

ULTRA provides a wide spectrum of services relating to Systems Integration & Provisioning and more specifically in:

  1. The establishment of the necessary IT infrastructure including cabling, networking equipment, personal computers, servers, operating systems, storage area networks, communication equipment and finally security and control policies and technologies.
  2. The provisioning of extended warranty for the continuous operation and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure.

Under the Customers menu are listed projects which reflect Ultra's ability to deliver, maintain and support complex ICT systems.


IT Consulting; Training; Software development; Maintenance and support; System integration; Web design; IT Outsourcing; Database services;

Industry Domains

Telecommunications; Public Sector; Education; Retail;

Major References

MINISTRY OF FINANCE of the Republic of Macedonia

Business Partners/Relationship

ORACLE / Business Network Partner; IBM / Business Partner; Microsoft / Business Partner;

Programming languages and technologies

Java, JavaScript; .NET; HTML, XML; Basic C++; PHP;