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bul. Partizanski Odredi 62, 1000 Skopje


3075 111


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Vasko Kronevski

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Nextsense ltd, Macedonian IT company established in 2001, specializes in building complete e-business solutions to improve business performance for wide range of companies, from start-up businesses to strategic initiatives for established companies.
Nextsense provides design, development and maintenance of custom tailored solutions as well as consulting and training services for our clients. Our clients are visionaries who are using the new technologies to redefine the way they do business. We work with them to translate their classic approach of doing business into an effective e-business solution. We involve ourselves in their industry so we can understand the challenges they face, and we educate them about the capabilities and requirements of the new economy.
By utilizing leading edge technology we develop fast, robust, secure and cost-effective solutions, that brings our clients to the forefront of their industry. The foundation for creating successful client experience is the team powered by creative, highly motivated and trained people.

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