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Business Center “Alumina” Bul. Partizanski odredi 70b, 1000 Skopje


3061 942


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Admir Bkiragikj

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Axeltra is a privately owned company founded in 2004 and based in Skopje, Macedonia. Our mission is to help you benefit from the latest in technology, assist you to get your projects running quickly and efficiently, and to do all this cost effectively. We constantly adjust our strategies to best suit your needs. Axeltra’s success is due primarily to the people it employs, its value-added pricing that addresses the challenge of employing remote development teams, its ability to deliver and maintain quality service to you through established processes, and of course the absolute client satisfaction embedded in our exclusive cost-efficient model, the Client Exclusive Team. Our office is a unique collaborative workplace, and our creative technical specialists can meet any demands. Here at Axeltra we appreciate the challenges you introduce, which give us opportunities to innovate and go beyond the commonly accepted boundaries of the software industry. We are a company of bright, competent, people empowered to deliver the best for our teams and for you. We are proud to have recruited, developed, and retained such talented people, and we can rely on their ability to develop software using the latest proven frameworks and technology standards. We have a low attrition rate and enjoy a reputation among developers as being an excellent work environment. Our great employees have attracted a growing number of great customers.

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