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Behar Hadzihamza

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EDUSOFT is a professional software company, which specializes in the design, development and implementation of software applications.
Founded in 1990 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, EDUSOFT has consistently produced high quality software developed using state-of-art technologies and running on various platforms.
Our client base consists of diverse range of companies, from small to large businesses as well as governmental institutions. The company possesses strong knowledge and experience in providing software services for industries such as finance, insurance, judiciary, veterinary, engineering, construction etc.
EDUSOFT takes pride in an highly ethical approach to business and this commitment comes from the top down. Most of our employees have made many years significant contribution to the business and this wealth of experience is being regularly refreshed with younger talented people joining the company often straight from higher education.
EDUSOFT Core Values are:

·         Quality of Products and Services - We strive to produce the highest quality software available anywhere in the industry.

·         Customer Satisfaction - Our clients are the focal point of our software development. This is necessary to maximize the usefulness of the software that we create. Great communication is necessary for success in any software development effort. We strive to build a close working relationship with our clients before, during, and after development of the software. We take pride in supporting our software, and desire to maximize the satisfaction of our customers with the software we create.

·         Continuous Improvement - The software industry is brimming with technology. Many individual technologies are broad in scope and rich with features. It is essential to continuously study existing technologies, always striving to perfect skills in those areas. In addition, it is necessary to stay abreast of new ideas, tools, and techniques. At EDUSOFT, we recognize this, and are constantly working to increase the depth and breadth of our software development knowledge and skills.

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning); CRM (Customer Relationship Management); Web application; BPM (Business Process Management); BI / Analytics; Mobile apps; CMS (Content Management System); HRMS (HR Management System); eCommerce; Accounting; ECM (Enterprise Content Management); GIS (Geographic Information System); Billing System; EAI (Enterprise Application Integration); DW (Data warehousing);

Major Products

1. Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS) is a robust, full-featured system, which automates and tracks all aspects of case life cycle from initial filing through disposition and appeal as to each individual party for Criminal, Juvenile, Minor Offenses (Traffic Violations), Civil, Small Claims etc. Whether general or limited jurisdiction and no matter the case type - our court case management system provides a complete solution for clerks, judges and everyone in between. Since our expertise extends from law enforcement and records management right on through to corrections and supervision, many of our customers enjoy a complete end-to-end justice solution through ACCMIS.
- Covers all aspects of managing court cases for all types of courts;
- Operates in an on-line, real time basis;
- Provides services 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year;
- Highly scalable-the system can operate in all kinds of courts, containing different organizational structures;
- Provides increased security;
- Provides possibilities for generating various reports;
- Significantly reduces repetitive tasks;
- Greatly enhances the quality of data;
- Provides enhanced statistics and monitoring.
Institutions using ACCMIS:
Since 2010, Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS) is operational in all 35 Macedonia's courts as well in the Judiciary Council, replacing manual case processing and enabling courts to become more efficient and transparent. All case involved parties have on-line access to respective cases, so they also can electronically submit to and received from courts, and being automatically notified by e-mail or cell SMS. Combined with training in communications strategy development, public information, customer service, case-flow management and court administration, the automation of court processes provides the public with a window into the country's judicial system.
2. E-Insure
E-Insure is a full-featured software solution for insurance companies that greatly simplifies the everyday work, by automating all business processes and providing better ways for management of resources in company. Its scalability and performance make it suitable for deployment in both small and large companies.
E-Insure is a mature software product, developed by a team of experienced engineers in EDUSOFT for more than a decade. For the past 10 years, we have had a complete overview of the specific needs and requirements of many insurance companies, that's why we strongly believe we are the only software company with such an extensive experience in the insurance market, completely understanding the opportunities and challenges that insurance companies face in the everyday business. E-Insure is a software solution that is constantly supervised and enhanced by a dedicated team of software experts with a wide understanding of information technologies and great experience in the insurance market.
- Sale of a wide array of insurance products;
- A simple and intuitive user interface for issuing insurance policies;
- Module for keeping records of clients;
- Module for administration of insurance policies;
- Full control of issued and paid policies;
- Adjustable to the rules and practices of your company’s operations;
- Designed to support various organizational structures in companies;
- Simple and fully transparent process of issuing insurance policies to agents;
- Interoperability with other systems;
- Available in a package with installation and training for end users.
- Module for administration of organizational structure;
- Module for central registration of insurance policies;
- Module for online issuing of policies;
- Module for management of partners;
- Reports generating module;
- Module for registration damage claims;
- Module for synchronization with other systems;
- Module for monitoring of user activity.
Companies using E-Insure:
- WINNER - Vienna Insurance Group;
- ALBSIG – Macedonia;
- ALBSIG – Albania;
- INSIG – Macedonia;
- INSIG – Albania;
- INSIG – Kosovo;
- INTERSIG – Albania;
- SIGMA – Albania;
- ATLANTIK –Albania;
- ANSIG – Albania;
- SIGMA – Kosovo.
3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Having the right ERP system and most importantly the right professional support available to you at any time, allows you to stay focused on your business. EDUSOFT's ERP system is an industry leading, state-of the art ERP solution for small, mid-sized and large companies. The application was designed to allow your company to focus on its business objectives rather than managing data. EDUSOFT's ERP system is a robust, user friendly application, envisioned and developed by leading industry experts with over 20 years of professional experience. Our ERP standard components are:
- Accounting & Finance;
- Budgeting;
- Cashbook;
- Warehouse Management;
- Fixed Assets;
- Human Resources Management; and
- Payroll.
Accounting & Finance
"Delivering effective financial management is more important than ever before!"
Today’s finance professionals need to do more, with less: facing greater demands but with less time and fewer resources. It is essential to put reliable solutions in place to drive efficiency and performance – not only in the finance department but throughout the organization. With this support, you and your colleagues can maintain effective financial control and ensure that key business decisions can be based on reliable, up-to-date information.
EDUSOFT's accounting module is best-of-class accounting software designed to integrate with your industry- and company-specific applications. Our solution provides real-time financial visibility and control across people, processes and systems.
Our Accounting & Finance application is a mature software product, developed for more than a decade; sophisticated and enhanced each day according to user needs in order to automate their everyday work as much as possible. Its features are:
- Can be used in small businesses, but also in larger companies with a more complex hierarchical structure;
- Can operate in single user or multi-user environments (at one or more computers in a network);
- Designed using leading development technology;
- Simple to use;
- Highly flexible and stable;
- Simple for training and user friendly;
- Simple integration with other applications;
- Available in a package with installation and training for end users;
- Simple integration with other modules.
EDUSOFT's Budgeting Module allows financial executives to easily transition away from error-prone, disparate spreadsheets to an automated system that provides comprehensive budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting tools. Small, medium and large businesses looking to move forward to a more flexible, secure, collaborative system can turn to our budgeting application for an intuitive out-of-the-box solution which is ideal for a host of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, retail, business services and nonprofits.
Our budgeting application provides a centralized, secure database so that any changes or additions to a company's data are updated automatically. Its powerful calculation engine ensures that all calculations are not only mathematically correct but follow sound accounting principles. This means that data is 100% accurate. With EDUSOFT's budgeting app wizards, prompts and menus, you simply enter the data and the system does the work for you, eliminating the need to create and maintain complex formulas, macros and links. All your changes are automatically updated throughout your plan.
Our budgeting application's "financial intelligence" builds the Balance Sheet automatically off the P&L activities and then Cash Flow Statements are built automatically off the Balance Sheet. It's all perfectly synchronized. In addition, it comes with pre-built reports including presentation-style reports that can be adjusted and customized for a variety of data. These can be exported to Excel for further customization.
EDUSOFT's Budgeting Module reduces errors, saves time and sets up in minutes. It's been designed for SMBs with limited IT resources and can be used right out of the box as an on premise or hosted solution. We really think it's a great option for those transitioning to a more automated budgeting and forecasting solution.
“Simplify managing your cash!”
EDUSOFT's Cashbook Module provides simple ways to keep track of your money and improve financial control. Record the cash deposits you pay into the bank in a simple, no nonsense way. Its features are:
- Keep up to date with everything you’ve got to pay for. We make it quick and easy to record all the money entering and leaving your business; it’s one way we help you get on running your business;
- Easily enter and manage cashbook transactions: quickly create income transactions and record all of your business expense transactions in one place. You can easily edit transactions as and when required and view a snapshot of each bank account using the totals report;
- Manage your banking and cash easily: view all activity through your bank accounts by recording cash deposits and transactions in and out of your account. You can add multiple bank accounts, record transfers between accounts and document owner drawings (money withdrawn from the business by the owner) and owner investments;
- Keep on top of cash flow: quickly produce customer and supplier statements for any of your contacts to show outstanding payments. And you can send these on to your customers and suppliers for payment;
- Create sales and expense types to suit your business: Sage One comes with a number of pre-fixed sales and expense types but you can add additional categories that are bespoke to your business needs;
- Simple integration with other modules.
Warehouse Management
EDUSOFT's Warehouse Management Module translates potential into productivity by applying proven technology to the future of your business. Our Warehouse application enhances performance by supplying companies with technology to improve overall warehouse efficiency and streamline services. This innovative software simplifies inventory processing through automation, ensuring integrated operations at all levels of warehouse management. We enable companies to cut costs while providing added value for customers with real-time enterprise integration. Our Warehouse Management Software optimizes your business by putting productivity first. Its features are:
- Record of purchases;
- Record of deliveries;
- Monitoring of used materials;
- Report generation module;
- Simple integration with other modules.
Fixed Assets
With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can take your fixed asset accounting, depreciation, management and reporting tasks from overly complicated to absolutely clear. The intuitive interface of EDUSOFT's Fixed Assets software allows you to view the details of how an asset’s current depreciation is calculated. Its features are:
- Record of fixed assets;
- Calculation of amortization and revaluation;
- Automatic creation of accounting journal entries;
- Report generation module;
- Simple integration with other modules.
Human Resources Management
EDUSOFT's Human Resources software streamlines the HR processes of the business, making it easier for the managers to take care of their HR needs. Using the software programs also allows the manager to save time and energy by making all of the tasks easy and simple to understand. Record accuracy is improved when using the software programs and the programs are generally designed to recognize obvious errors in the entered data before they are saved into the system. Its features are:
- Keeping of employee data, including their personal, education and health data, as well as professional experience etc.;
- Report generation module;
- Simple integration with other modules.
In today’s world of competitive market and high compliance driven demand it is eminent to have a comprehensive solution for employee payroll and hence a need for intelligent payroll software. Our Payroll software solution fits best in the corporate world to do justice to HR’s needs since it is intelligent enough to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws. Its features are:
- Record of monthly parameters for salary calculation;
- Record of employee individual parameters needed for salary calculation;
- Record of credits per employee;
- Salary calculation and automatic creation of journal entries;
- Report generator supporting different types of reports, payrolls, М4 patterns, patterns .for income administration etc.;
- Simple integration with other modules.
4. Forest Fire Information System (FFIS)
For the prevention of forest fire events and reduction of their damages, this GIS System contributes to recording and accumulation of forest fire history data and data analysis and dissemination for the prevention and early warnings of forest fire by providing an integrated information system with GPS technology maps to show meteorological conditions, fire hot spots (using satellites), vegetation, aridity, assessed fire risk index, and fire history.
FFIS is a function rich and user-friendly GIS integrated system, developed carefully through extensive consultation with internationally recognized experts in wild fires, within the joint projector between International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA) and the national Center for Crisis Management (CMC), national enterprise Macedonian Forests (PEMF), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFWM), national Hydro-Meteorological Agency, Faculty of Forestry, Firefighting Union of Macedonia, and the Regional Fire Monitoring Center (RFMC). FFIS is used for:
- Data creation - entering and maintaining data at various locations (for Hydro-Meteorological, Forests, Fire-Fighting Resources and Historical data),
- Data acquisition - gathering, integration, and processing at centralized location (calculation of Fire Weather Index, and risk assessment),
- Data publication - sharing and dissemination of data and information (via Intra and Internet) to support decision-making, policy-analysis, and formulation, planning, monitoring and management at all levels of a national crises management system.
FFIS integrates the following software modules (standalone applications) aimed for:
a. Entering and updating the Forest Inventory data, as well data on fire Damaged area (at PEMF using GIS desktops, as well in the field using iPAD):
- GIS map and attribute information on levels of National, Regional, Municipal, Management Unit, Compartment, and Sub Compartment respective polygons (Boundary GIS data), assigning IDs accompanied by attributes: Site description (surface footage, location type, altitude, exposure, inclination, direction of slope, relief, geological base, type and main features of the land, etc.), Plantation description (Phytocoenosis, cultivation type, health state, perseverance and type of offspring, Tree type, Composition, Even/Uneven aged, Thickness class, accumulation per hectare, diameter, economy value, fire resilience class, etc.), Forest melioration scope of activities, Records of performed activities, Records of activities per years, Annual Plans, Logging, Thinning, etc.
- Easy and quick input of the forest fire damage data in the field, Select and Edit map layer and attributes of the object, Use GPS and get the coordinates of the current location, Change base map to Satellite image, or Topology map, layers polygon data of Forest Fire Damaged Area, Clear Cuts, Afforestation, Roads, On a large Area, Circular, In belts, Firefighting cuts, for Transmission towers, Ski trails, Natural movement of forest’ upper boundaries, In belts, Protective forest belts, Fire-Fighting resources, Demography, etc.
b. Acquiring data from Ground Weather Stations (GWS) and Satellites (through national Hydro-Meteorological Agency):
- Field (GWS) data acquisition of: GWS Station ID, name, GPS coordinates, Observed date and time, Meteorological data (rainfall of past 24 hours, air pressure, temperatures, humidity, wind speed and direction, sun radiation, soil temperature) measured by GWS is collected every 10 minutes by Hydro Met, and being transmitted to and registered into Internet GIS Server at CMC HQ;
- Satellite data acquisition of: MODIS satellite data acquired real-time from EUMETSAT in four frequency bands for creation of Hot Spot Map, and for Vegetation Dryness Map; MSG2 satellite data acquired real- time in two frequency bands, used for the 2nd comparing and increasing the reliability; GWS Meteorological data, and MODIS and MSG2 satellite data securely transferred, and registered into Forest Fire Database at CMC HQ.
c. Acquiring data of forest inventory and data of fire damage survey (through PEMF and MAFWM):
- Forest Inventory data acquisition of: GIS shape type data of Forest Inventory acquired and registered into both Intranet GIS Server and Internet GIS Server at CMC HQ; Attribute data of Forest Inventory acquired and registered into Internet GIS Server, as well into Database Server by replicating Forest Fire Database in Internet GIS Server to Database Server; Both GIS shape type data and attribute data being regularly transferred from PEMF to CMC HQ over network (alternatively using other media in case of communication fails).
- Forest-Fire Investigation data acquisition of: Forest fire investigation data (results of forest fire survey) acquired and registered into relevant servers at CMC HQ via network through Internet GIS Server; GIS shape type data of the result of forest fire survey registered into Intranet GIS Server at CMC HQ; The attribute data of the result of forest fire survey finally registered into Database Server at CMC HQ; The data, both GIS shape type and attribute data registered at CMCHQ after inspected by MAFWE.
d. Processing acquired data and Generating information for early identification and warning of forest fire (at CMC HQ):
- Fire Weather Index map is automatically generated in accordance with Canadian formula using GWS data and interpolation method, shows gradation colors on the map;
- Other Maps: automatically generated using the internationally standardized methods for: Vegetation Dryness Map, Hot Spot Maps, Forest Fire History map, and Forest Vegetation map.
e. Accumulating the Forest Fire History data for statistical analysis and strategic planning (at CMC HQ. Historical information is accumulated in Network Attached Storage-NAS):
- Forest fire history data is accumulated and stored to make it available for analysis of forest fires by allowing users to search and output the desired data and maps, as well other various forms of reports.
f. Sharing and disseminating information for Early Identification and Warning of forest fire to relevant organizations and general public (via Intranet and Internet):
- Information for early identification and warning of forest fires such as Forest Inventory Information, GWS Measurement Data and Information related to Fire Weather Index / Vegetation Dryness, and Attribute data, which is availed to related institutions and to public, are provided by Intranet, as well by Internet GIS Servers;
- User interface is provided with Web GIS, using Cache Map Data with Bessel 1841 Projection method, including AREC map and Ortho map as base maps upon which other relevant maps and layers are presented.
5. Civil Engineering Project Management and Calculations (CEPMC)
CEPMC is a software system for civil engineering and construction industry which helps you:
- Define recourses and perform analysis with normative;
- Enter specification of all work to be done;
- Associate items from resource specification;
- Easily prepare offers using detailed specifications.
CEPMC provides generation of various reports:
- Calculation of object cost – price / time;
- Analysis of direct expenses;
- Analysis of separate prices for all position;
- Analysis of work hours for each position;
- Calculation for investor;
- Calculation with broken separate prices;
- Recapitulation of needed recourses;
- Price list of needed recourses.
CEPMC is a highly scalable software solution which can be used in small companies, but also in companies with complex hierarchical structure.
6. Education Management Information System (EMIS)
EMIS is an education management system which is used for collection, integration, processing, maintenance and dissemination of data and information to support decision making, policy-analysis and formulation, planning, monitoring and management at all levels of an education system.
It also serves as an early-warning and early-learning system for education managers. EMIS facilitates the timely identification of underperforming units, e.g. schools, communities, districts, and municipalities, so that decision-makers can take action sooner. Conversely, EMIS facilitates the identification of particularly well-performing units so that managers can learn about promising examples of good practice that may be transferable to other schools.
EMIS also provides reliable, relevant and accurate data that make it readily accessible to all users (schools, municipal education directorates, stakeholders, educators, and partners) to identify new demands for the education sector as needed for the computation of the core education indicators, to develop a set of core education indicators for enhancing the capability of the planning, monitoring and evaluation functions of the education system in line with the education strategies and goals, to give support to the decentralization of the education system.
7. Veterinary Information System (VIS)
VIS is a function rich and user friendly veterinary software system developed carefully and through extensive consultation with experts in the veterinary field. VIS system contains following modules:
- Identification and Registration module;
- Animal Health module:
- GIS component, use of licensed ArcGIS Server , Enterprise Standard Windows , and ArcEditor;
- Concurrent software with the VIS database to perform required functions for creation of different reports (maps) and functionalities;
- PDA and Web application for Sample Management for sheep and goats;
- Annual Order implementation;
- Outbreak investigation module;
- Module for private veterinary clinics;
- Module for recording expenditures from the program for animal and public health;
- Module for official controls in relation to animal protection and welfare.
- Public Health module:
- Register of operators and establishments in public health sector;
- Register for veterinary medicinal products;
- Register for feed additives;
- Module for official control of Veterinary Inspectors;
- Module for private sector operators;
- Module for official sampling and laboratory analyses;
- Module for control of residues in food of animal origin;
- Module for control of zoonoses and alimentary intoxications.
- Report generation module
- Forms for generating reports from Animal Health module;
- Forms for generating reports from Public Health module;
- Forms for generating reports from I&R.
8. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
LIMS is a complex, full-featured information system, used in the process of laboratory analysis of samples brought to laboratory for:
- Regular tests;
- Identifying the causes for a certain clinical disease;
- Exterminating the diseased animals;
- Various researches.

LIMS is used to record the complete movement of the samples brought for testing in various laboratories, as well as all storing all the applied methods and diseases for which the sample has been tested. LIMS features are:
- Standard protocols for collecting and forwarding the samples for laboratory testing;
- Customization of standard data used to describe the samples that are brought for laboratory testing;
- Simple registration and management of all results from the performed laboratory analysis of the samples;
- Exchange of required information between the laboratories, departments and veterinary inspectors;
- A full automation of the process of invoicing for the performed services and laboratory analysis, which provides a complete financial status of the laboratories at any given time;
- Calculation of the time spent for laboratory analysis on each sample, from the moment of admission until handing over the results of the tests.


IT Consulting; Software development; Maintenance and support; IT Outsourcing;

Industry Domains

Education; Chemical Industry; Retail; Utilities; Healthcare and pharmacy; Manifacturing;

Major References

Governmental and public sector: - All Courts in R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Justice of R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supply of R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Local Self-Government of R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Finance of R. Macedonia; - Ministry of Health of R. Macedonia; - Crisis Management Center of R. Macedonia; - Employment Service Agency of Republic of Macedonia; - Food and Veterinary Agency of Republic of Macedonia; - Agency for the Management of Confiscated Property of R. Macedonia; - Agency for foreign investments and export promotions of R. Macedonia; - Office for veterans and war invalids of R. Macedonia; - Office for citizens registers in R. Macedonia; - Macedonian Broadcasting; - National conservation Center of Republic of Macedonia; - Cultural Heritage Protection Office of Republic of Macedonia; - Directorate for Personal Data Protection of Republic of Macedonia; - Directorate for Radiation Safety of R. Macedonia; - Commission for Protection against Discrimination of R. Macedonia; - Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia; - City parking operator, Skopje; - Most of the local self-government offices (over 65 municipalities throughout Macedonia). Insurance: - WINNER - Vienna Insurance Group; - ALBSIG – Macedonia; - ALBSIG – Albania; - INSIG – Macedonia; - INSIG – Albania; - INSIG – Kosovo; - INTERALBANIAN – Albania; - INTERSIG – Albania; - SIGMA – Albania; - ATLANTIK –Albania; - ANSIG – Albania; - SIGMA – Kosovo. Construction: - BETON, Construction Company, Skopje; - PELAGONIJA Engineering, Construction Company, Skopje; - TITAN USJE, producer of cement and other related building materials, Skopje. Other sectors: - TGS Technical and medical Gases, production and trading; - JICA , Japan International Cooperation Agency Balkan Office; - DHL Macedonia, Delivery Company; - NLB pension found, Joint Shareholders Company for Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Fund Management, Skopje; - TTK Bank, Skopje; - Veterinary Medicine University Faculty, Skopje. Collaboration with International non-profit organization: - UNDP (UN Development Program offices in Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo); - USAID (US Agency for International Development Macedonia Office; - JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency, Balkan Office).

Business Partners/Relationship

ORACLE / Business Network Partner; Microsoft / Business Partner;

Programming languages and technologies

Java, JavaScript; .NET; HTML, XML; Basic C++; Basic C; PHP; PL/SQL;