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Atinska 12


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Marija Bozinovska, Marko Bozinovski

Company description, mission, vision and goals

MBS mission is development and delivery of computer solutions to support the business systems as well as organizations and governmental institutions. To fulfill this mission MBS has established a development team experienced in:
 business systems analyses and planning;
 defining the concept and strategy of development of computer systems;
 design and development of computer solutions;
 maintaining and upgrade of computer systems;
 project management compatible with ISO 9000-3 standards.
To maintain its own rate of growth, MBS is investing in:
 acquiring new computer specialists;
 education of employees;
 improving its own technical platform;
 improving internal standards and organization.
MBS is oriented toward implementation of state of the art IT solutions in Internet and Intranet technologies .Depending on the complexity of the projects, they are carried out with internal resources or in cooperation with Business Partners. Some of our references are:
 “Electronic Municipal Information Services – Best Practice Transfer and Improvement Project” (IST-2000-33037, E-MuniS,
 "Computer System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs"
 "First Level Juridical Procedures in Macedonian Courts"
 "Computer System of an Appeal Court"
 "Computer System to Support the Decision Process in the Government with Statistical Data"
 "Methodology for Development of Computer Systems and Quality System within the Governmental Institutions"
 "Statistical Decision Support System for the Government of Republic of Macedonia"
 "Workflow Management System for Customer Requests."
and many others.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management); Web application; HRMS (HR Management System); Accounting; EAI (Enterprise Application Integration);

Major Products

  • Electronic Archive
    Just think of a 24/7 access to all of your documents scanned and put in a secure location on any server. This means that every employee can find a file with just a click on a mouse. Our software solution enables this scenario to become a reality. We have been working on this field for over 20 years so we have the actual experience in handling with any type of situation revolving this matter. The Association of the units of Local self-government of the Republic of Macedonia (ZELS) acknowledges Macedonian Business Systems as number one company in Macedonia for Electronic Archiving software.
  • Legal Acts
    Our software package includes the operations of all types of procedures specified in our Legal System (Civil, non-litigation, executive…). Every procedure contains huge documentation, documentation that is sent in many institutions. The software package for legal acts supports all the scenarios that are likely to appear and allows the management team full control over the litigation.


IT Consulting; Training; Software development; Maintenance and support; System integration; Web design; IT Outsourcing; Database services;

Industry Domains

Public Sector; Non-profit Organizations; Financial Services and Insurance;

Major References

1. National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia 2. Macedonian Bank for Development and Promotion 3. Directorate for Technology industrial Development zone 4. Agency of foreign investment 5. Insurance Supervision Agency- ISA 6. Ohridska banka – Societe Generale Group 7. Eurostandard bank 8. Johnson Controls 9. Krash Commerce

Business Partners/Relationship

Microsoft / Business Partner;

Programming languages and technologies

Java, JavaScript; .NET; HTML, XML; PL/SQL;