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Partizanski odredi 70b, D C Aluminka, floor 3, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia


02 309 33 39


info@unet.com.mk; aneta@unet.com.mk

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Aneta Antova Peseva

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UNET is the first Macedonian Internet Provider established in 1995, on April 20th, the date that officially is counted as the start date of the Internet communication in the Republic of Macedonia.

As the first company in the Internet business in Macedonia UNET performed huge contribution in promotion of the Internet access into the Macedonian market through organizing seminars, presentations and publishing and distributing a free newspaper. The role of UNET in expansion in using the Internet access at the national level is also very high and important providing an approach in several cities in Macedonia during the working period.

As the first and the unique provider in the country in the period of establishing, UNET evaluated and increased in one of the bigger Internet companies in Macedonia. With rapid and continuing changes in the technology and in the organization of own working as well as the appearing of the market competition of these type of services UNET established the quality standards of the Internet services in the Republic of Macedonia.

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Fixed IP phones;

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning); CMS (Content Management System); Billing System;

Servers; Other IT Equipment; Storage;

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Basic C++; Basic C;